Managing employees who work remotely, or who are constantly on the move, is a difficult task for any organisation to achieve effectively. Add to this a responsibility to comply with current UK government legislation, such as Duty of Care & The Corporate Manslaughter Act and it becomes clear that companies must somehow implement processes and utilise available technology to meet these requirements.
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On Air Telecom offer remote workforce smartphone  apps & vehicle solutions from Crystal Ball that are specifically designed to improve efficiencies, reduce operational costs, address legislation, and ultimately improve bottom-line profitability of the organisation.

You don’t have to have your existing mobile contract with us to implement any of Crystal Ball’s mobile apps as they are compatible with a wide range of smart phones and tablets.

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Discover inefficiencies and potential cost saving hidden in your remote workforce operations 

Organisations that have employees who drive vehicles as part of their job, or who operate a working from home policy will benefit from Crystal Ball’s Mobile Track – a smartphone application that provides time and journey business intelligence.

Its “privacy” function allows mobile workers to effectively clock on and off for the working day and its accurate gps tracking allows management to monitor employees’ journeys.

Ideal for:

  • Grey fleet vehicles – where employees use their own vehicles for business use
  • Small businesses looking for a cost effective vehicle tracking solution
  • Organisations looking to receive journey data without installing hardware to the vehicle
  • service focused organisations or departments

Call management reporting in real-time

Telephone conversations are a natural part of a mobile worker’s daily routine and organisations can experience difficulties when trying to establish what impact calls have on productivity.

If these employees use company owned smartphones, Mobile Monitor will be a valuable solution that allows organisations to ascertain the productivity of their remote workforce as effectively as if they were in the office. This is because management will have complete visibility of all call volumes, activity and durations in real-time from this smartphone application.

Its detailed reporting dashboard provides a comprehensive “at a glance” overview of all activity on the smartphone handsets, including all call / text traffic to and from the mobile workforce handsets. Data can also be exported from the web portal where necessary.

Mobile Monitor is especially beneficial for:

  • employees who are allowed to work from home
  • remote workers out in the field
  • managers/ directors who want to monitor employee call activity while they are away from the office

In addition, Mobile Monitor combined with Mobile Track can also report and alert on the use of hands free whilst an employee is driving, allowing an organisation to effectively enforce their driving at work policy.

Lone worker monitoring and protection

Any organisation that has employees who work alone in remote locations, or within risk associated environments, are required to demonstrate a duty of care towards them and look to ensure they are in contact on a regular basis.

Mobile LWP is a lone worker protection application that works on most popular smartphones and is essential for employees who operate in these environments.

  • field based employees (eg. sales staff, service engineers)
  • staff working in the community (eg. traffic wardens, probation officers, taxi drivers)
  • staff conducting home visits (eg. health workers, social workers, vets, domestic engineers, estate agents)
  • employees working outside normal hours or are the only person on the premises (eg. security workers, night shift workers)

It differs from many of the current lone worker solutions available, as it allows the lone worker to manage their own routine welfare check `intervals’, with the ability to extend or cancel the session at any time. In an emergency situation, `panic’ alarms can be activated discretely, even whilst the keypad is locked – using the hot key.

This solution is of particular benefit for organisations to demonstrate a duty of care towards their lone worker employees and can help to address elements of the Health & Safety Act, and Corporate Manslaughter Act.

Manage your business fleet better with GPS vehicle tracking

Organisations that run a fleet of vehicles should be looking to optimise their fuel and operational costs wherever possible.

Crystal Ball’s V range are dedicated gps vehicle & asset tracking solutions, with fleet management functionality as an option. They deliver real-time location data and historical journey information which allows organisations to operate their fleet of vehicles efficiently and productively.

Key benefits to their solutions include:

  • significant savings on fuel costs
  • reduced overtime claims
  • less administration
  • better customer service
  • better management of assets