Vehicle Tracking

FleetTracker from Crystal Ball is GPS vehicle tracking that delivers a beneficial and cost effective solution for any fleet configuration and any size.

It is also unlike many other solutions available on the market as it does not require any proprietary software to be downloaded – making it a true live web based gps tracking system.

Key benefits FleetTracker delivers:

  • better control and savings on fuel costs
  • better control & management of assets
  • reduced overtime claims
  • less administration
  • improved customer service
  • better fleet security
  • reduced impact on the environment


In addition, it also demonstrates a duty of care towards employees, with frequent vehicle maintenance and better time management, ensuring that company policy is consistent with:

  • health & safety legislation
  • working time directive

FleetTracker’s Features include:

  • web based portal
  • there are no proprietary software downloads required and all real time data can be accessed immediately via the web.
  • live tracking- where the icon is positioned on the map is where the vehicle is currently located.
  • simple navigation- the portal uses icons and clear drop down menu navigation’s for administrators to utilise.
  • ‘snail trail’ route data- replay a journey using the waypoints provided by the system.
  • the V range is a flexible solution that can allow for an increase or decrease in the number of tracked vehicles or number of licensed users for the system.


One of the key reporting tools for fleet and finance management, delivering accurate data that can be used for overtime and allocating costs.

  • hours worked
  • mileage covered
  • vehicle averages – mpg / speed / distance
  • display a summary of each journey travelled, either for the current day when looking at a live vehicle, or for a pre-selected date range for a given vehicle.
  • allows the administrator to determine which vehicle is closest to a particular postcode, ideal for customer service and logistics departments.
  • reports can be configured to run automatically at predetermined times with the information being sent directly to the intended recipients.

Accurate up to date information

Data which can be used to assess individual vehicle conditions in a fleet, with the facility to automate and activate reminders for:

  • MOT
  • servicing
  • insurance
  • breakdown cover
  • collected data in Crystal Ball can be supplied electronically in a number of formats and integrated into an existing back office systems. Prices and feasibility on application.


Created by the administrator, geofences are virtual geographic boundaries that are used to alert alarm recipients by email when a device enters or exits the geofence.

  • Receive email alerts when vehicles/asset are moved
  • Run historical reports on number of visits to a specific location

Can you identify drivers who share the same vehicle?
Yes, with Crystal Ball’s Driver ID option, your drivers will be issued with a key fob that they will use in order to identify themselves, this fob has a unique identifying code so you know exactly who is driving which vehicle.

For a demonstration of Driver ID in action, contact us on Tel: 08450 59 59 59.

Can I track my remote workers abroad?
Yes, however you should be aware that your handset must have any roaming bars lifted to provide continued service and that your mobile account will incur international roaming data charges.

For roaming data costs, contact us on Tel: 08450 59 59 59.

Can I install additional sensors, for example temperature gauges?
Yes, available at request we are able to fit a range of additional sensors that can plugin to the vehicles CANBUS system, which allow us to monitor elements including (but not limited to): RPM, Odometer reading, Fuel level, MPG, Fuel used, Axle weight, Cruise control.

Call us on Tel: 08450 59 59 59 for a full list of sensors we can track.

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